Promoting Co-operative Ventures by Independent Farmers

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Promoting Co-operative Ventures by Independent Farmers

Russian Fed.


The aim of this institution building project is the development of an appropriate "co-operative" framework which will bring about a stable and prosperous private farming culture, as well as its adaptation to economic reform and restructuring. Vakakis International and its associated partner, Chambre d?Agriculture de Charente Maritime, are using an intensely participatory, educational approach towards independent farmers and a farmer-centric, needs-driven methodology which was designed to identify optimum solutions and to test the farmers? own propensity to co-operate and to become aware of their own strengths and weaknesses. The results of this approach have been the establishment in three areas (representative of Russian agriculture) of three commercially successful, farmers co-operatives and the propagation of these accomplishments to a wider audience throughout Russia, and the provision of policy advice and guidance at both local and federal level on the development and establishment co-operative and their efficient management as small or medium sized enterprises (SME?s).

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Russian Federal Ministry of Agriculture

Russian Farmers

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