Assistance to a Pilot Agro-industrial Food Chain in the Lvov Region

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Assistance to a Pilot Agro-industrial Food Chain in the Lvov Region



The major objectives of the three year project was to advance the reform process for the privatisation of farms and agro-processing firms, with the intention of re-establishing self-sufficiency in the major food products. The project provided advisory services within an existing food chain, spanning farm production, processing and distribution, including the transformation of the agro-industries into productive and consumer-oriented enterprises. The overall objective included the application of modern business principles leading to an increased supply of high quality foods through improved processing and minimum nutritional value losses, as well as the launch of all year round convenience products. Ultimately, a model for similar activities in the Ukraine and a farm management advisory service was established.

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The Lvov Administration

The processors and farmers of Lvov

mEuro 2.98

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