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Crop Information System

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Crop Information System



This project was the continuation of a former project, developed during 1994-1995, with the intention of extending the previous system, on a national base. The project targeted both state public services and private consumers of information and commercial disseminators (farmers, traders and transporters, processors, etc.), through the main beneficiary CRUTA (Romanian Centre for Remote Sensing Applications in Agriculture). The main activities of the project included acreage estimates for main crops (based on ground surveys, Area Sampling Frame, digitisation and statistical analysis), production estimates (Frame Sampling applied to farmers), yield forecasting (based on agro-meteorological modelling), crop monitoring (on the farm monitoring (such as managerial information on fertilisation and irrigation), dissemination of information and training of parties involved.(In association with GEOSYS, France)

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Ministry of Agriculture

Romanian Center for Remote Sensing Applications in Agriculture

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