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Key expert 1: Team Leader – Expert in technical regulations, quality infrastructure and technical barriers to trade

VAKAKIS AND ASSOCIATES S.A (GR) will participate in bidding for the following EU tender in consortium with AESA (BE), SGS Nederland B.V. (NL), Romanian Standards Association – ASRO (RO), Slovenian Institute of Quality and Metrology (SIQ) (SI), European Business Association (UA):

Deepening EU-Ukraine Harmonization in the Area of Technical Barriers to Trade


Location: Ukraine
Start date: July 2017
Duration: 36 months


Overall objective
The overall objective of the project of which this contract will be a part is to promote sustainable and inclusive economic growth in Ukraine, by fostering favourable trade opportunities, a thriving business climate, enhanced competitiveness and innovation, conditions conducive to the well-being and safety of population and a gradual integration of Ukraine's economy into the European Union's Internal Market.


The purposes of this contract are as follows:

- To contribute in creating business opportunities for Ukrainian national manufacturers and service providers, with a particular attention towards the export of consumer goods and end-services to the EU market;
- To improve the business climate in Ukraine by simplifying the system of technical regulations, and create a transparent, predictable and EU-compatible regulation;
- To support Ukrainian national authorities in the implementation of Title IV of the Association Agreement;
- To complete the Ukraine's preparation for the signature of Agreements on Conformity Assessment and Acceptance of industrial products (ACAAs) in four industrial sectors (low voltage electrical equipment, machinery, electro-magnetic compatibility; simple pressure vessels); to deliver an analysis and grounded proposals concerning sectors to be prioritised for further ACAAs;
- To prepare grounds for extending the harmonisation with the EU regulatory framework to additional industrial sectors;
- To strengthen the capacity of relevant regulatory authorities and of the institutional infrastructure for quality;
- To increase the level of market operators' awareness about the implications of AA/DCFTA implementation, and on necessary preparatory measures.


Key expert 1: Team Leader – Expert in technical regulations, quality infrastructure and technical barriers to trade

The Consultant's Team Leader will be in charge of the day to day implementation of the project activities under the supervision of the Contracting Authority. The Team Leader should assure the following main tasks:

• Liaison with the Beneficiary and other relevant institutions in the partner country, Steering Committee members, the Contracting Authority;
• Provide regular and ad-hoc consultations to the Contracting Authority, Beneficiary and recipient institutions; propose, where necessary, corrective measures;
• Support to the planning and implementation of the reform of the Ukrainian institutional infrastructure for quality; implementation of strategic alignment and deployment of action plans in the institutions of the project target groups;
• Co-ordination with the relevant civil society organisations, other donors and co- operation projects;
• Coordinating the experts' team in all daily activities, drafting ToRs for non-key experts, briefing and de-briefing of the experts;
• Organising and overseeing administrative and logistic project support, ensuring timely delivery of reports;
• Organisation of and logistical support to the project's Steering Committee;
• Quality control of other experts' deliverables;
• On top of the above quality control and management tasks, the Team Leader will be fully involved in the technical activities of the project, in particular (but not limited to) in the areas of strategic planning, horizontal (framework) legislation and the technical legislation on specific product areas.


Qualifications and skills
• University degree in economics, business, public administration, legal, natural or technical sciences or equivalent (degree in other fields relevant to the project; or at least extra 10 years of experience additional to that described below under the first paragraph related to the specific professional experience);
• Excellent and proved coordination, planning and leadership skills;
• Command of Ukrainian or Russian language (at least B2 level) would be an asset.


General professional experience
• Between 10 and 20 years of proven general professional experience gained after the award of a higher education diploma (in any field). A longer (beyond 20 years) general professional experience will be accepted, but will not represent an advantage during the evaluation.


Specific professional experience
• At least 5 years of proven experience (civil servant; leading technical expert or; manager of at least middle level) acquired either in regulatory authorities (national ministries, agencies, inspection authorities, etc), or in a standardisation, metrology, conformity assessment, market surveillance or accreditation institution, or in an international organisation working in the field of EU technical regulations and quality infrastructures. This requirement refers exclusively to a full or part-time employment by relevant organisations. Consulting work will not be taken into consideration in the assessment of meeting this requirement. In case of part-time employment, only the actually worked time will be taken into account.
• At least one year of cumulative proven experience as a team leader in at least one technical assistance project exceeding EUR 2 million.

The expected input of the Team Leader is min. 600 man-days.


All Key Experts mobilised under this contract must:

- be proficient in English;
- have excellent communication and analytical skills;
- be capable of using modern IT technologies;
- be proficient in report drafting; and
- have excellent team working capabilities.

All key experts having had professional experience in the beneficiary ministries/institutions must have terminated their work contacts in the above said ministries/institutions on Dec 1, 2016 or earlier.


Applications and updated CV should be submitted to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Application deadline: 10 May 2017

Address & Contact info

Laodikias 9 - 11 ,

Athens, Greece 


Tel +30 210 7475 950




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