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Technical Assistance for the Implementation of the Nitrates directive

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3 LT

CFCU, Turkey


Jan 2011 –

Feb 2013

IOW (Fr), BRGM (FR), Teagasc (Irl),

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The primary target group of the Technical Assistance is the farming community in Turkey. The beneficiary is the General Directorate of Protection and Control of MARA who is responsible for the implementation and the harmonization of the Nitrates Directive at the national level. However, the specific activities to be undertaken by the TA stress the importance for the involvement of especially the Ministry of Environment and Forests and the State Hydraulic Works.

The Project Purpose is to provide Technical Assistance in order to reduce nutrient pollution caused by the agricultural sources on surface and ground water resources and soil by strengthening the infrastructure of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (MARA) for implementation of EU Nitrate Directive. The Expected Results of the Project include the following;

  • Result 1: Effective monitoring on surface and ground water for agricultural nitrate pollution obtained by developing network system and vulnerable areas determined
  • Result 2: Institutional and technical capacity of MARA has been strengthened and farmer awareness and knowledge has been increased in pilot areas and information and knowledge share has been developed by MARA to MoEF and GD of State Hydraulic Works;
  • Result 3: An operative Data Acquisition and Monitoring Software have been developed and operational.

Adoption and implementation of the Nitrates Directive in Turkey will be an important step during the EU accession process. Relevant national legislation "Regulation on Protection of the Waters against Nitrate Pollution Caused by Agricultural Resources" has been put in force at 18Ih February, 2004. For the implementation of this regulation (and also the Nitrates Directive), the following Tasks will have to be undertaken:

  • Task 1 : Design, develop and implement a Data Acquisition and Monitoring Software (DAMS):
  • Task 2: Establish a reporting system: which includes the preparation of a database of the pollution caused by Agricultural sources in Turkey, the preparation of a guidance document for annual and multi-year reporting to the EU commission, a draft 4 year country report and a draft annual country report.
  • Task 3: Designate Nitrate Vulnerable Zones:
  • Task 4: Establish a code or codes of good agricultural practice:
  • Task 5: Establish a surface and groundwater Monitoring Network:
  • Task 6: Prepare an action plan for the Nitrates Directive:
  • Task 7: Develop a capacity building programme for the implementation of the Nitrates Directive:
  • Task 8: Design and assist to implement awareness programmes for farmers and public;

Provision of a TA team comprising:

1 x Team leader (long term)

1 x Deputy Team Leader

1 x Software Developer


Address & Contact info

40, Vatatzi str,

Athens, Greece 


Tel +30 210 7475 950

Email central@vakakis.gr



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