Institutional Strengthening of the Ministry of Agriculture.

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Institutional Strengthening of the Ministry of Agriculture.



The project provided assistance to strengthen Ministry of Agriculture capacity in policy analysis and strategic planning, strengthening administrative systems, organisational management and coordination of legislative harmonisation with the EU. Some of the more significant outputs achieved in collaboration with MAFWE included:

•   Establishment of a functional Agriculture Policy Analysis Unit (APAU) including six local experts (4 x economists, 1 x agronomist and 1 x lawyer) and development of a training and scholarship programme to support its on-going development;

•   Completion of a number of policy analysis products to demonstrate practically the use of policy analysis in the policy formulation process (inc. impact assessment of WTO, SAA and Agriculture Support programme);

•   Review of rural development situation, institutional review and development of training programme on EU Rural Development measures and practices

•   Establishment of an inter-ministerial working group for Agriculture Trade Policy and support to the group in development of the government negotiating position for SAA further liberalisation (Article 16);

•   Support for the production of the first MAFWE Agriculture Report (2003), including detailed technical annexes, statistics & other sector information;

•   Establishment of various technical working groups (linked public and private sector institutions) to coordinate legal approximation activities (namely for wine, phytosanitary, seed) and assistance to these groups in drafting of primary laws for wine, seeds and plant health

•   Definition of an Institutional Development Strategy (IDS) and Action Plan (AP) for the Ministry of Agriculture, in line with the objectives of European Integration (as defined under the SAA);

•   Establishment of a Programme Budgeting System for the Ministry of Agriculture to create more effective management, accountability and transparency in financial management of available funds. This system shifted the Ministry from a single programme to six separate programmes for the 2004 budget;

•   Budget planning document prepared and accepted by Ministry of Finance, linking programme budgeting to specific activities, outputs and strategic objectives of MAFWE (and the Government economic objectives).

•   Adjustment of computer based systems for MAFWE finance department to establish a simple MS Excel based system including training of Finance Department in its use and application (6 staff)

•   Linkage of financial system and reporting to Ministry of Finance Treasury system (also Excel based).

•   IT systems strategy design for Ministry (and project design and procurement plan prepared) to strengthen internal management and reporting systems (for finance and other information services)

•   Assistance to MAFWE in design, preparation and budgeting of draft CARDS projects for (i) ‘Vineyard Monitoring and Management System’ (VMMS); (ii) Supply of equipment to establish a ‘State Phytosanitary Laboratory’ (SPL); (iii) Technical assistance to develop a ‘National Integrated Phytosanitary Service’ (NIPS); (iv) IT procurement for MAFWE (v) Policy analysis support Framework contract which included support for 2005 budget planning and financial systems development.

•   Guidance on development of Agriculture support programme for MAFWE for 2004, based on 2004 budget allocations, establishing monitoring and reporting systems for budget expenditure linked to regional offices of the Ministry.

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Ministry of Agriculture

Bata District Rural people

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