Socotra Archipelago Master Plan Study.

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Socotra Archipelago Master Plan Study.



The project objectives encompassed with the preparation of a comprehensive master plan to stimulate and guide the economic and social development of the Socotra Archipelago, a chain of four islands (Socotra, Abd Al Kuri, Samha, Darsa) off the coast of South Yemen. The study described the existing extent of development, established a land use plan and formulated a phased development plan which integrated socio-economic, financial, environmental and marketing values and objectives. The most important outputs of the study have been the generation of a range of development projects for possible execution within the next ten years, funded by investment from the Government of Yemen, private sources or multilateral donor assistance. Vakakis International provided the Team Leader, and several specialised experts to Support sectoral studies. The study was carried out in association with WS Atkins Ltd of UK (lead company in the association) and with MacAllister Eliot and Partners Ltd.

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Government of Yemen

MRural inhabitants of the Socotra Archipelago

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