Establishment of a Collection and Distribution Network

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Establishment of a Collection and Distribution Network



The project targets on (i) establishing appropriate marketing structures for the  collection and distribution of raw materials and finished goods, including wholesale and retail centres with adequate mgt capacity, (ii) establishing a marketing information system and appropriate pricing structures for local goods and services; (iii) creating conditions to permit the establishment of primary processing facilities for raw materials, (iv) establishing an effective mechanism for the improved availability of credit for market transactions and (v) facilitating the increased utilisation of banking services by participants engaged in the collection and distribution system.

 Among the project achievements the following are included, inter alia:

-       A cost-effective system for the collection and distribution of raw materials

-       Increased volume and unit value of animal-origin raw materials

-       Creation of model operations

-       Strengthened management capacity for system operators

-       Formation of market prices

-       Maintenance of an information system

-       Market access of herdsmen and their living standards improved

-       Increase in the volume of money for collection and distribution of goods and commodities circulating in the banking system

-       Experience gained in running raw materials exchange

 Within the project framework, the Consultant is providing policy advice and support to the local government and regional administrations in implementing strategies conducive to the creation of  infrastructure for enterprise development.

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Ministry of Industry and Trade

SME's of Mongolia

mEuro 1.00

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