Technical Assistance to the PMU of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food (MoAF).

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Technical Assistance to the PMU of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food (MoAF).



The TA Advisor is responsible to support, advise, and assist the Director of the agriculture PMU in all aspects of TA Programme Planning and Implementation; to contribute towards enhancing the capacity within the MoAF to coordinate and manage the implementation and monitoring of TA Programmes and; to co-ordinate support to the EU Integration Process.

The Project's main features are:

? Provision of TA for Programme Management, Coordination and Monitoring, timely preparation and submission of on-going work programmes as well as new programmes initiated during the period; Elaboration of Terms of Reference; monitoring of projects and programmes; Identification of potential projects for financing by various donors;

? Provision of Advice and assistance with analysis on Agricultural Sector Issues:

? Assessment of the current situation in the sector ? Organisation of Agricultural Survey activities in collaboration with the Statistics Directorate in the MoAF, ? Evaluation of current Agricultural Policy and the impact of current policies on agricultural production and rural incomes. ? Assessment of the level of Albanian agriculture in terms of productivity, market competition, farm income, agricultural services, food and animal health infrastructure within the context of EU Accession criteria. ? Provision of Advice and Training in specific areas in policy analysis and EU Integration:

? Establishment of working groups to support trade policy analysis and European Integration. ? Agricultural trade and policy analysis training ? Introduction to European Integration systems and practices for acceding states ? Assistance in development of Ministry institutional structure and systems in trade analysis and European Integration:

? Development of institutional structures ? Training of staff in basic analysis and integration practices

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EuropeAid (PHARE)

PMU of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food

Ministry of Agriculture

mEuro 0.368

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40, Vatatzi str,

Athens, Greece 


Tel +30 210 7475 950

Email central@vakakis.gr



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